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Business Owners are Better Off with a Blog, Not a Website

Business Owners are Better Off with a Blog, Not a Website.

You just established a new business. Congratulations! You are probably ready to purchase a website for it, and you are willing to pay top dollar as well. But before you do, let me ask you if you have considered purchasing a blog instead of a website? You are probably wondering right now why I am asking that question. You are likely thinking that an ordinary website will be all that you need for potential clients to find you, read about your service/product and then purchase from you. And you are right, you need a website. All businesses need websites. But at the same time, if you truly want your business website to be a lead magnet, then you absolutely require a blog!

What Are Blogs?

Blogs are a content management system, along with a website template with an RSS feed to attract traffic. Blog owners use them to journal. Anyone can create a blog as there are many free blogging platforms around. People have a lot to express, about a great many subjects. Once they realize they can express those thoughts using a blog account, they start to write up blog posts. Others online can interact with them and share their thoughts on what was expressed by commenting. That is how a blog post can become like a discussion forum.

Why do Businesses Need Blogs?

Business owners absolutely require a professional blog if they are serious about increasing their web traffic and having leads convert to clients/customers. As I mentioned before, anyone can create a blog from any free blogging platform. However, the business owner who is serious about presenting a professional image online and offline, needs a professionally designed blog, which is a website with a blog attached to it.

Besides helping to build a positive reputation in their field, blogs are a must for business owners because they help potential clients establish relationships with them just by reading their posts. Potential clients feel a connection to the business owner by “hearing their voice.” Forming these relationships is a crucial part of the process of gaining (and keeping) clients.

If the business owner with a blog gains a group of followers, those followers will always look forward to what he or she has to say. In order to maintain a successful blog, it must be updated at least three times a month to keep existing followers interested. Otherwise, the blog will lose traffic, and followers, and rank very low on search engines. This will have a very negative impact on business. Search engines love updated content. The more a blog is updated using important keywords relevant to the business, the higher the website will rank. The blog will end up on the first page of search engines more quickly, and that means more traffic and business!

Ordinary websites only have basic information about a business, it’s owner, their product or service, a few links and contact information. Professionally designed blogs have the same, but, most importantly, they go that extra mile toward increasing traffic and leads. In other words, blogs help businesses succeed!
Miriam Slozberg,
CEO of Gemini Rising Ltd
High Quality SEO, Blog Design
And Posting Services and Social Media


  1. Is it ok to have the BLog on my own website, or is it better to have my BLog on a premade Blogging website?

    • It’s absolutely great if you can hold a blog on your own website, as having your own domain name and SEO can only help your traffic!

    • Blogs are good either way but if you have a retails website have your blog on their if you sell via places like facebook or ebay then use a blogging site like wordpress…

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