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Kim Aliczi – Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard

Posted by in on Sep 17, 2015

Kim Aliczi – Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard

Have you ever gone to a wine tasting? Maybe at a winery, liquor store, or wine shop? You have to pay a small fee. You get a thimble of wine, you get pushed out of the way by a crowd of other people wanting to sample, maybe you get an oyster cracker or two if you’re lucky, you rarely get a chance to ask questions, then if you do like the wine you pay a lot for it.

Now, imagine a bunch of your friends in your cozy livingroom. You get to try a GLASS of five different wines for FREE. You get an hour of education and get to ask all the questions you want. You eat an abundance of delicious homemade food pairings. You get high quality, boutique wines shipped right to your door.

That is what I do. I bring the personalized winery experience to the comfort of people’s homes, and so can you. It is the HOTTEST thing in direct sales right now, and everyone wants to be a part of it!

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